These concepts are a substantial part of the operational management of the Syndus Group. The group possesses an integrated and implemented system for matters that concern safety, quality and the environment and is certified according to VCA petrochemistry, ISO-9001, CO2 performance ladder, NEN-EN 1090, VVT and Amtek.

Unsafe situation reports

The Syndus Group management considers safety extremely important and wants to raise it to a higher level. Reporting unsafe situations has been compulsory for a long time in our company and these reports are made frequently.

Positive step towards safety awareness

It is possible that people notice something while carrying out their work but think nothing more of it, while undesirable situations can have extremely unpleasant consequences for all those involved. That is why reporting unsafe situations is regarded as a positive step towards safety awareness.

Unsafe situation report of the month

In order to encourage the reporting of unsafe situations more, the best report is selected every month and rewarded with an amount of money.