About us

The Syndus Group is an international organisation with production facilities and locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Slovakia. Our main areas of business are divided into four branches: supplying plastic piping systems and plastic safety gates (Amerplastics), the rental of industrial machines and tools (Arentis), building steel constructions (Ferris) and producing plastic walkways and constructions (Fiberstruct). We have 380 employees and we are active throughout Europe. We supply our products and services to the owners of chemical and petrochemical installations, power stations, tank storage companies, steel factories, owners of offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, industrial contractors and EPC and EPCM companies.

Vision Syndus Group

We are a flexible and reliable partner. Our diverse activities, steel and plastic constructions, and industrial rental means that we can offer you, the client, a total solution for your technical needs. Quality and safety are central.

History of the Syndus Group

We have always been a family business, which started as Eyke-Hogendoorn in 1955. The Eyke-Hogendoorn Group came into being from the additions of Amerplastics in 1973 and Fiberstruct in 1989 to the steel department and the crane and machine rental department. The group was renamed the Syndus Group in 2011. We employ more than 380 people, making a significant contribution to employment opportunities in the Zeeland region and the development of the regional economy.